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Women's eXtreme Wrestling
Image of Women's eXtreme Wrestling
Industry Professional Wrestling
Acronym wXw
Headquarters Las Vegas, Nevada
Area Served United States
Episodes 30
Theme Music "I Am the Fire" by Halestorm
Brand(s) wXw Flashpoint
Established In March 13, 2018
(2 years, 3 months, 23 days)
Key People
Owner(s) The Feigel Family
Michael Maddox
Director(s) of Authority Luke Diamond
Writer(s) Charlie Feigel
Luke Diamond
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About Women's eXtreme Wrestling

Women's eXtreme Wrestling (a/k/a wXw) is a Las Vegas-based all women's fantasy professional wrestling league and was formed by The Feigel Family & Michael Maddox in March of 2018.

What's "The Pit" Complex?

wXw's World Headquarters is affectionately known as "The Pit" Complex (f/k/a "The Boneyard"). It was bought and originally renovated for The Feigel Family's closed leagues: Asylum Sports Entertainment and Asylum Underground Wrestling. Entirely "The Pit" Complex has seven levels (approx. 130,000 sq ft); each extensively remodeled. A former casino (is the arena whole level), an office tower and sprawling television studios (part of the arena level). "The Pit" Complex built in the 1970's. "The Pit" Complex which is geographically located nearby Las Vegas' infamous "neon graveyard".

Can fanatics visit "The Pit" Complex?

Many wXw Fanatics, local dignitaries and foreign tourists frequently visit "The Pit" Complex on a regular basis. Especially during events held in the "The Pit" Complex arena level but, generally the offices on the top five levels (approx. 110,000 sq ft) above the television studio (approx. 8,000 sq ft) and arena levels (approx. 12,000 sq ft) are off limits to any other outside visitors, with exception to the merchandise vendors and the utility companies that power "The Pit" Complex.

What's the full name of "The Pit" Complex's Arena?

The arena itself is called the "Wolfe Russo Arena at The Pit". Named after a long-time friend and mentor to wXw Founder/Co-Owner Charlie Feigel.

How many fanatics can arena hold?

The "Wolfe Russo Arena at The Pit" arena seats approximately 2,200 fanatics comfortably and that still leaves some room left over for standing wXw Fanatics. It has two luxury boxes but, one is currently used for in-house catering for all the superstars and staff members.

What's this about fires at "The Pit" Complex?

"The Pit" Complex has had been engulfed in flames on at least two occasions, once from an alleged arsonist and once from an electrical fire on the arena level.

Current Championships

Championship Current Champion(s) Reign(s) Date Won Defense(s) Location Event Previous Champion(s)
wXw World Championship Justice Orton-Cross 1 July 1, 2020
(5 days)
0 Wolfe Russo Arena
at The Pit Complex
Las Vegas, Nevada
wXw Lockdown 2020 Summer Bliss
wXw Goddess Championship Hannah Stanton (w/ Dr. Gina Riggs) 1 July 1, 2020
(5 days)
0 Wolfe Russo Arena
at The Pit Complex
Las Vegas, Nevada
wXw Lockdown 2020 La Cazadora
wXw Pure Championship
(Unified w/ wXw Combat Championship)
Jennifer Enigma 1 October 31, 2019
(8 months, 6 days)
July 1, 2020
(5 days)
4 Wolfe Russo Arena
at The Pit Complex
Las Vegas, Nevada
wXw Devil's Night 2019
wXw Lockdown 2020
Serenity Hunter
wXw Tag Team Championships Daughters of Darkness 1 March 4, 2020
(4 months, 2 days)
2 Empress Ballroom
Blackpool, England
wXw Hell Has Frozen Over 2020 The Fallen

Other Accomplishments

Accomplishment Most Recent Winner(s) Date Won Previous Winner(s)
wXw Daniel Greene, Jr. Memorial TaG WaRz Cup
The victors became the #1 contenders for the wXw Tag Team Championships.
Justice Orton-Cross & Hannah Stanton (w/ Dr. Gina Riggs) April 18, 2020 Vacant